St. Matthew’s Outreach

405 King Street

Charleston, SC, 29403

(843) 579-0420

Empowering Consumers to Control the Services They Receive

Empowering Consumers to Control the Services They Receive

Imagine navigating our country today without reading, math or computer skills. Imagine struggling to support your family without those skills needed to secure a living wage job.

The Outreach Learning Center imagines that everyone can improve those skills for a better life. Through encouragement, nurture and quality training, we imagine that all who enter will be empowered to reach higher goals.

Our staff is dedicated to offering loving support while providing resources that strengthen families.

The Outreach Learning Center reflects a multi-cultural atmosphere and offers every student volunteer opportunities. Additionally, over 200 volunteers from throughout the community join in throughout the year to aid families with unmet needs.

We can always use an extra helping hand. If you are interested in volunteering in any way, please contact us.

Mission Statement

The Outreach Learning Center serves those in need by encouraging unity, respect and self-reliance through job and life skills training, technology instruction and English Language acquisition.

Making the highest quality curriculum available to everyone in need is top priority in each program. Experienced teachers and tutor/mentors are trained and motivated to enrich the lives of every student. Gains in skill levels are achieved and celebrated.

Services Provided

  • English As A Second Language
  • Computer/Job Skills courses
  • Emergency Food Pantry
  • AS Kids Afterschool Program
  • Summer Reading Club