Love, Inc.

850 Godber Street

Charleston, SC, 29412

(843) 225-5121

No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another

Keeping Seniors Busy & Active

Love Inc. is the creation of friends Laureen Deibert and Gena Januseski. Their awareness and concern in keeping seniors busy and active led to the creation of Love Inc.

Love Inc. is a volunteer-based service that has been successful in providing senior services for the past four years with various programs, including their popular Adopt-A Grandparent Program and “infamous” Random Acts of Kindness Program. With 35 clients that require assistance
on a daily basis, Love Inc. is there to help them with an eager base of volunteers ready to go.

As Love Inc. grows, we continually receive more and more referrals. As a result, we always need more volunteers to keep our programs growing and reaching as many seniors as possible. There are many programs that Love Inc. offers. Each is tailored to meet area seniors’ needs, while also accommodating our volunteers’ schedules.

Your volunteer experience will go far beyond improving just your outlook on life; you will be improving the world around you.

By giving just an hour of your time each week, you can change someone’s life forever. Come join us, and let Love Inc. expand your future, and add quality to life for those who need it most.

Our Services

  • Adopt-a-Grandparent: Our goal is to pair a volunteer with a senior citizen who is in need of either assistance or companionship. This is for very serious volunteers only.
  • Companionship Services: We will come to your home and sit with you, read to you, play checkers, or whatever passes the time.
  • Respite Services: We will come and relieve the caretaker for small periods of time for a much needed time away.
  • Family Support – We assist families with the anguish and uncertainty having to adjust and/or alter their living situations; i.e. from home to a Board and Care, Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Home.

Life Energizing Programs

  • Arts & Crafts: We will set this up in Assisted Living Houses or small groups.
  • Saturday Surprise: Also at the Savannah House on the 2nd and 4th Saturday's of each moth, from 1-2:30 pm. You never know what we will do, from Bunco to cards, Horse races to Ice Cream Socials.
  • Sit n Fit with Annie: 10:00am Alternate Saturdays at Savannah House on James Island. Gentle exercise and breathing techniques while sitting in a chair.
  • Music 'round Town: We play guitars and sing old time favorites all over – Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley, James Island, even Hollywood. We are always looking for others to join!