Lighthouse Care Center

152 Waccamaw Medical Park Drive

Conway, SC, 29526

(843) 347-8871

An in-patient psychiatric hospital for adults and seniors. (Nursing Homes in Charleston, SC)

Lighthouse Care Center of Conway is an in-patient psychiatric hospital for adults and seniors that is committed to providing quality mental health and addiction treatment services and education.

We provide a comprehensive, individualized treatment program for those suffering from mental illness, emotional crisis, and/ or chemical dependency. Our individualized treatment approach provides comprehensive psychiatric services, helping them to improved health and recovery in order to function with increasing responsibility and independence. Emphasis is placed on fostering family involvement and provides each person with the support and medical interventions necessary to help maximize their potential. We offer caring, qualified and empathetic staff interested in your well-being. The focus of this program is to quickly assess the medical and behavioral health needs of each patient and guide them to a better quality of life.

Lighthouse Care Center Staff Include:

• Board Certified Psychiatrists
• Master’s Level Counselors
• Licensed Professional Counselors
• Certified Substance Abuse Counselors
• Registered Nursesh

We recognize that some senior adults experience changes as they age. Acute mental status changes  can occur often after losing a spouse, family member and/or friends. Major illnesses and family adjustments with life changes can easily overwhelm a person and may result in depression and anxiety or mood disorders. We treat senior adults suffering from severe anxiety, depression,  agitation, paranoia, fearfulness, or hallucinations. Symptoms of dementia can also cause behavioral and mental status changes. Our senior adult behavioral health program offers an aggressive approach in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. The focus of this program is to quickly assess the medical and behavioral needs of each patient and guide the individual to healthier, more effective coping strategies.

Dr. William Van Horn

William A. Van Horn is a Diplomat of the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry with over twenty years experience in medical treatment of illness of the brain. Dr. Van Horn graduated from the University of South Alabama College of Medicine. He received his specialty training at West Virginia University in a very medically and neurologically based residency. After 10 years in private practice, Dr. Van Horn returned to training and had the privilege of completing his sub-specialty fellowship under the expertise of many of the top geriatric psychiatrists in the United States at Emory University.

Dr. Van Horn’s medical approach is aggressive but conservative. His goal is to maximize quality of life with the use of appropriate, safe, non-addicting medications. He avoids the use of medications which produce immediate relief at the risk of long-term dependency and worsening of illness. Dr. Van Horn also pursues an aggressive approach in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s  disease and other dementias. Ultimately, his goal is to ensure his patients receive the best care and outcome possible.