iTN Charleston Trident

6296 Rivers Ave

North Charleston, SC, 29406

(843) 225-2715

Dignified Transportation for Seniors

Dignified Transportation for Seniors

It is the mission of ITN CharlestonTrident (The Independent Transportation Network) to provide a community-based, community- supported, economically-viable, and consumer-oriented, quality transportation service for seniors. ITN imagines a day when all seniors will have transportation when they want it.

Characteristics of Service:
• Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Available for any type of ride within the service area, with no limitations on ride purpose
• Rides are provided in private automobiles by a combination of trained volunteer and paid drivers
• People 65 years and older and adults with visual impairments are eligible t join
• Rides may be booked at any time; discounts are applied for shared rides and advance notice

Opening More than Car Doors
The Independent Transportation Network® is more than a “good cause,” It’s a necessary and important one. We do more than provide rides;. we’re helping to solve a huge social need. Seniors now have an alternative to driving that preserves their independence even as it ensures our roads are safe and our communities are healthy.

Our Service Helps:
• Families and friendships endure;
• Adult children minimize their absenteeism from work;
• Businesses remain profitable;
• And seniors begin a new chapter in their lives that no longer includes loneliness, dependence, burden or immobility.

ITN helps drive the local economy and build community. The impact to the local business community of an ITN affiliate is between $300,000 and $500,000 per year.

Our Local Service Area Includes:
• Greater Charleston
• Greater Mount Pleasant
• Greater North Charleston

Please join us:
By volunteering, you help seniors stay independent and healthy, and receive
mileage reimbursement for part of the ride and transportation credits for the rest. Save these credits for your own future use, transfer them to a loved one or donate them to the Road Scholarship Program for low-income riders.

Membership is open to everyone, regardless of whether you plan to ride. We need the whole community to support dignified transportation for seniors.