Island Oaks Living

3647 Maybank Avenue

John's Island, SC, 29455

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Home of The Living Advantage, Your Advantage In Specialized Rehab Care!

Nestled in the shadows of Johns Island’s legendary Angel Oak, Island Oaks Living Center provides preeminent skilled nursing and rehabilitative care. Our award winning nursing staff cares for residents with a broad spectrum of needs, from assistance with Activities of Daily Living to  tracheostomy and wound care. We provide Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy, all with the goal of regaining and maintaining one’s highest level of function.

Specialized rehab care includes orthopedic, cardiopulmonary, and stroke care. We also manage clinically complex patients who may require a disciplined team approach for their recovery. Our staff also includes two medical directors, their assistants, a wound care nurse, respiratory therapist, clinical dietician, pharmacy consultant, and social worker. Each of our residents has a customized wellness plan developed by our interdisciplinary care team in conjunction with the resident and his or her family.

Whitfield Gilbert’s Story…

I came to Island Oaks Living Center for rehabilitation after having a stroke. The rehab team was amazing. They called me their “superstar” because they loved me and that made me work really hard. I wanted them to be proud of me. After my stroke I had trouble doing the things we take for granted: talking, walking, dressing and bathing. I couldn’t use my right hand at all and that was really tough because I like to play the piano.

I wanted to walk right away but the therapists told me to be careful because my leg didn’t work very well. Talking was very hard for me too. In therapy I practiced talking and writing with my speech therapist. With my physical therapist I worked on several machines to increase my strength and coordination. We also worked in the parallel bars and walkers to get me moving again.

My occupational therapist helped me re-learn the tasks of dressing, bathing, and general self-care. I was in therapy for about three months and have done very well. I know my talking has gotten  better, and I am walking with a walker in my room and down the hallway. Oh Lord my hand has even gotten better too. I can open it and close it. I can’t play the piano yet but I am working on it.

Thanks to the wonderful therapists at Island Oaks I am able to transfer to an assisted living home where I am more independent and closer to my family. My therapists are proud of me and I am proud of myself!

At Island Oaks Living Center we emphasize quality of life in a warm and caring environment. Medicare consistently awards us a four to five star ranking, identifying Island Oaks as one of the best skilled nursing facilities in the greater Charleston area.

Always Something To Do

Residents are encouraged to participate in activities at Island Oaks and in the community. We provide a host of stimulating activities and enjoy visits from area civic, school, and church groups. Weekly outings on our activities bus include shopping trips, restaurant visits, fishing excursions, and sporting events. We also provide salon services, laundry services, and transportation for medical appointments.

All The Amenities You Expect

Residents have access to telephone, cable TV and internet service. Families and friends are  encouraged to visit any time. Most of our residents enjoy brief and successful rehabilitation stays, while others live with us permanently. Both groups enjoy the quality of life advantage we offer at  Island Oaks. Please call for information, visit our web site, or come for a tour. See why so many people are choosing Island Oaks Living Center for all their rehabilitation and special nursing needs.

At Island Oaks Living Center, we have expertise in and are especially good at the following types of care and therapy: