Caregivers Unlimited

P.O. Box 50056

Summerville, SC, 29485

Because your home is more than just a shelter, it’s a haven! (Senior Home Care in Charleston, SC)


Because your home is more than just a shelter, it’s a haven

As leading company care providers, members of Caregivers Unlimited strive to ensure a better quality of life for elderly clients and their families by providing dependable and affordable care. Caregivers Unlimited is owned and operated by a registered nurse.

Our Services:

Highly qualified and trained caregivers are ready to help with a variety of daily activities such as:

• Caring companionship
• Meal planning & preparation
• Incidental transportation
• Running errands
• Light housekeeping
• Medication reminders
• Assistance with bill paying
• Information and referral services

Our personalized services are available seven days a week and range from a few hours daily to around-the-clock, 24-hour, live-in care.

Our Clients Include:

Seniors and the chronically disabled who aren’t ready to leave their home for an institutional setting or who live with relatives, but because of illness or chronic conditions need support to remain at home. We provide help with simple activities that are exhausting for them and this enables them to save their energy for the important things in life.

Many times, caring for a client involves family, so we play a role in providing a respite for the primary family caregiver. Constant caregiving can bring considerable stress, because the caregivers focus is centered on the one needing care. Very often we see that when we give relief with daily routines, allowing the family caregiver(s) more time for themselves, the relationship strengthens.

Why Our Caregivers Are The “Cream of the Crop”

Our caregivers are totally committed, highly-qualified, and carefully selected individuals who are thoroughly screened, bonded, and insured. Most importantly, our caregivers are dependable and extraordinarily caring of others.